Toolraiser 2020: A Tool Library Fundraiser

Dear Tooligan Friends & Family, The Tool Library is kicking off the 2020 Toolraiser! The Tool Library is an all-volunteer nonprofit community resource tool-lending library located off of Main Street in Buffalo’s University Heights neighborhood. This Toolraiser will allow our organization to continue to serve our growing community of tool borrowers in light of COVID-19 by updating and bolstering our inventory, purchasing necessary sanitation supplies, and more.

Our goal to serve Western New York is even more vital during this difficult time, with many people in our community experiencing layoffs and financial insecurity, and everyone spending many more hours at home. We have heard from borrowers that using Tool Library tools can strengthen their food security and sow gardens, and improve their mental and emotional health by working on projects, and that they have learned new skills.

Contribution to The Tool Library will strengthen resilience and the power of the sharing economy in Western New York, and allow us to come out on the other side stronger, sharing, and better than ever. We are now asking for your support to make sure our tools are up for the job.

We know that not everyone has the capacity to give in the same way. See below for the many ways to support this campaign.


Donate funds

Put ‘Toolraiser’ in the notes of your donation. We’ll buy the tools and supplies on our list.

Donate a gently used tool

Check out our Tool Wishlist.

Sponsor a tool

Each week we’ll run a Facebook fundraiser for a high-need tool.


  • Let us know if you need a tax receipt for your donation
  • Donate a gently used tool or funds for a new tool
  • If you are buying a new tool to donate — don’t go to a big box store, buy local!

  • Building materials/supplies (screws, nails, bolts, paint, stain, plumbing/electrical materials, etc)
  • Rusted or broken tools
  • Battery powered tools unless they are one of the brands identified
  • Gas-powered tools

  • Volunteer at a Service Day
  • Sponsor a membership for someone who can’t afford one
  • Buy a gift membership for a friend
  • Choose to auto-renew your membership
  • Become a monthly sustainer

We know there is a great love for The Tool Library in this community — now is a great time to show it! Tag us @thetoollibrary on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and #Toolraiser2020 to share your story.